Winlog Pro SCADA and Winlog Lite SCADA 2.07.17

July 17 2012

In these new releases new functions are added:

- Winlog
Chart object revision.

Some vulnerabilities to an attack on 46824 TCP port that would cause a runtime crash, have been corrected.

- Keyboard Builder
Virtual Keyboard full revision:
- Keyboard background bitmap management.
- Keyboard opacity management.
- Buttons background bitmap management.
- Hide/show text on the SHIFT key and special keys.
- keyboard management depending on the selected language.

- Code Builder
User account management functions added: AddUser(),RemoveUser(),UserFindFirst(),UserFindNext(),UserFindClose(),UserNameFound(),UserGroupsFound().

TobjGetLButtonDownXY() and TobjGetLButtonUpXY() functions added

- Protocols
OMRON FINS UDP protocol: introduction of read/write HR_UL_,HR_SL_,HR_FL_ ports.

Click here to download new version of Winlog Lite.

Other news

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Remote test of IOlog modules

Users and developers can test IOlog data acquisition modules thanks to a new live test system.


New Siemens ProfiNet - S7-1200 protocol guide

It is available a new step-by-step video guide to create a simple application using Siemens ProfiNet - S7-1200 protocol.


Closed for summer

From Aug 10 to Aug 31 Sielco Sistemi offices will be closed for summer holidays.


A new family of Panel PCs

Sielco Sistemi is pleased to present PClog, the new family of Panel PCs


Winlog Pro SCADA and Winlog Lite SCADA 2.07.22

The new releases of Winlog Pro SCADA and Winlog Lite SCADA are now available.