Panel PC + Winlog Evo SCADA software

ScaPc is an all-Italian bundled kit between Haxteel Panel PCs and Sielco Sistemi Winlog Evo SCADA software. ScaPc consists of a Panel PC with pre-installed Winlog Evo SCADA software and a runtime license including all the features of the package.



ScaPc is available with 5 different PC solutions, all completely fanless and equipped with RAM (4 GB), SSD (120 GB) and Windows 10 IoT:

  • PC 7.0” Wide
  • PC 10.1” Wide
  • PC 15.6” Wide
  • PC 18.5” Wide
  • PC 21.5” Wide

For further information refer to Haxteel


ScaPC is available with 4 different runtime licenses:

  • W-EVO/RTA-USB: Runtime license up to 32 TAG
  • W-EVO/RTB-USB: Runtime license up to 64 TAG
  • W-EVO/RTC-USB: Runtime license up to 128 TAG
  • W-EVO/RTD-USB: Runtime license up to 256 TAG

You can freely download the demo version of Winlog Evo SCADA software from here.

Sales and Service

The ScaPc bundle is sold exclusively by Haxteel, either directly or through its sales network. Technical support and warranty on PCs are provided by Haxteel according to the its own rules.

The Winlog Evo development license is sold exclusively by Sielco Sistemi, either directly or through its sales network. Technical support on the development license is provided by Sielco Sistemi free of charge for the first 6 months and, subsequently, according to the technical assistance contract.