Sielco Sistemi offer a range of hardware & software products that allow you to build SCADA HMI applications for industrial and building automation. All products are high quality, reliable and easy to integrate with each other; SCADA software is easy to use and cost effective. Our offer is directed towards solution providers, system integrators, electrical installers, plant managers, operators of public utility networks. Our stand-out feature and strength lie in the ability to offer, in addition to the products, a prompt, accurate and thorough technical support.



Different Winlog scada applications

Software package for the development of multi-language HMI/SCADA applications accessible from smartphone or browser. It includes the most popular communication drivers and graphic libraries with thousands of static symbols and animated objects for industrial automation. It is available in the basic version Winlog Pro and in the advanced version Winlog Evo, more suited for Industry 4.0 applications.


Different Pclog industrial panel pcs

A range of fanless Panel PCs equipped with Windows 10 IoT. We can supply, at a highly competitive price, a PClog PC bundled with both Winlog software development and runtime licenses, thus offering a powerful and flexible Panel PC SCADA system for the price of an Operator Panel.


Different Iolog I/O modbus modules

A range of I/O modules and isolated serial converters available in three different versions. By linking one or more I/O modules to a PC running Winlog SCADA software, you can build a modular, reliable and convenient Data Acquisition System. The IoT gateway SS10680 allows you to directly interface the field instrumentation with the Cloud platform.

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Our offices will be closed for summer holidays from August 5th to August 25th

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Winlog Evo SCADA 4.0.24 has been released!

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Winlog Evo SCADA 4.0.23 has been released!

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from here you can download winlog evo
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