Technical Support

Sielco Sistemi provides its clients with a customized technical support service that gives access to the best technical expertise to rapidly resolve any issues. A highly competent and qualified team, able to answer to all your queries, is at your disposal; for more complex problems, the R&D team is directly involved.

We provide a free of charge technical support for three months to all customers who purchase a development license. After the free period, we provide a technical support under specific assistance contracts. If you decide not to sign an assistance contract, you can still access technical support using the formula ‘Pay-Per-Incident’.

Free Assistance

Sielco Sistemi offers to all customers that purchase a development license of the software SCADA Winlog Pro a free of charge technical support for a period of 3 months. The service is provided via e-mail and is reserved to all registered Winlog Pro customers. To access the service, the customer must communicate: company name, license purchased, date of purchase and software version.

Assistance Contracts

In order to guarantee a continuous technical support, Sielco Sistemi offers its customers quarterly and yearly Technical Assistance Contracts. In addition to providing technical support, these contracts entitle you to receive all Winlog Pro software updates without any additional cost.


  • Up to 3 hours of technical support including
    • support by Email
    • support by QuickSupport (up to 1 hour)
  • Free download of Winlog Pro updates


  • Up to 10 hours of technical support including
    • support by Email
    • support by QuickSupport
  • Free download of Winlog Pro updates


Pay per accident formula gives the possibility to profit of Sielco Sistemi technical support even if no assistance contract has been signed and free cost assistance period has expired. Support is therefore available on demand, and charges are only for actual usage of the service.

For each help request, we will charge a fixed cost, which includes the first hour of technical support, and a variable cost, which depends on the number of required hours. We will apply no charge in case the help request is the result of a software bug.

Training Courses

Sielco Sistemi offers to its customers training courses at different levels to get practice in the use of Winlog Pro software. Courses are tailored to customers needs.

The purpose of the course is always practical: to use properly the software tools and to be able to develop complete run-time applications. Topic sessions are always followed by "hands-on" sessions; participants will become familiar with Winlog Pro software by developing step-by-step applications or finding out, with the aid of the trainer, the right solutions to specific problems.