Technical Support

Sielco Sistemi provides Winlog users with a customized technical support service that gives access to the best technical expertise to rapidly resolve any issues.

We provide a free of charge technical support for six months to all customers who purchase a Winlog Pro or a Winlog Evo development license.

After the free period, we provide a technical support under specific assistance contracts. The contract gives the right to receive technical assistance for the current calendar year (*):

  • By Email: unlimited
  • By Telephone: in case of emergency
  • By TeamViewer: when necessary

(*) At the first signing of the contract, the price will be adjusted on the actual months of use of the contract

Training Courses

Sielco Sistemi offers its customers training courses at different levels to get practice in the use of Winlog Pro and Winlog Evo software. In addition to a basic training course, in-depth courses are provided, tailored to the customer needs and the application sector. Courses are usually held remotely via the Zoom platform, but it is still possible to arrange courses to be held at the customer's premises.

Basic training course

Intended for those who have no or very little experience in using Winlog and want to quickly acquire the skills to develop SCADA applications. The course is divided into two modules of 3 hours.

In-depth courses

Intended for those who have experience in using Winlog, but wish to investigate particular issues or identify, with the help of a technician, the most suitable solutions to satisfy a request from the end customer. For this reason, the course is structured each time according to the specific needs of the client. In general, the course is divided into modules of 3 hours, up to a maximum of two modules within the same day.

Remote Maintenance SecureBridge

Secure Bridge is an innovative remote maintenance tool that allows the developer to connect and operate remotely on the customer's local machine, using a series of TCP protocol services such as RDP, HTTP, FTP, VNC, PLC tunnel, ...

Thanks to SecureBridge, the remote developer can open sessions of Remote Desktop, modification of Web pages or remote programming of devices (PLC, instruments, drives, ...) without having a direct connection (fixed IP, DNS or other).

The SecureBridge service is free of charge for those customers who make sporadic use of remote maintenance (6 hours per year and up to one gigabyte of traffic).

For those customers who need a continuous and professional remote maintenance service, Sielco Sistemi offers an annual paid contract. The contract gives the right to use the service for the current calendar year (*) with the following limitations:

  • Up to 300 hours of connection
  • Up to 50 gigabytes of total traffic

  • (*) At the first signing of the contract, the price will be adjusted on the actual months of use of the contract