Main Features

  • Digital and analog I/O modules
  • Serial adapters and converters
  • Accurate and steady measurement
  • Dual Watchdog hardware and software
  • Full electrical isolation between lines
  • Available with 3 different versions
  • Modbus ASCII/RTU/TCP protocols
  • IoT Gateway Modbus/MQTT
  • Winlog SCADA software
IOlog Application

General description

IOlog includes a wide range of input/output modules and isolated serial converters/adapters which are available in three different versions: “Compact” (SS3000 series), “Webserver” (SS8000 series) and “Industrial” (SS10000 series).

All I/O modules guarantee highly accurate and stable measurements over time, also in the presence of temperature changes. A dual Watch-Dog, consisting of both hardware and software, controls the proper CPU operation and sets outputs to safety values in case of communication failure. Signaling LEDs allow an immediate diagnosis of device operations. The full galvanic isolation ensures a good protection against possible interferences present in the industrial environments.

Based on the different versions, I/O modules have a RS485 interface with a Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol or an Ethernet interface with a Modbus TCP protocol.
All the devices can be integrated into an IoT architecture via the SS10680 MQTT Gateway.
Users can easily build a reliable and convenient Data Acquisition System for both industrial and home applications by linking several modules (via a RS485 or Ethernet bus) to a PC running Winlog SCADA software.