Operating System

operating system

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise is the version of Windows 10 optimized for industrial and Iot applications. We configure the operating system image by selecting only the components that may be useful in an industrial context, resulting in a slim and customized operating system with the following advantages:

  • Faster boot and logon
  • Write protection on system and application memory
  • Reduced cost compared to the Professional version

On request, PClog PCs can be equipped with full Windows 10 Pro.

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SCADA software

Winlog is a flexible, convenient and easy-to-use software package for the development of multi-language SCADA/HMI applications. It is available in the basic version Winlog Pro and in the advanced version Winlog Evo, more suited for Industry 4.0 applications.

Development tools include the libraries Symbol Factory (static graphic symbols) and Industrial Gadgets ActiveX (animated graphic objects). It supports most popular communication protocols (Siemens, Omron, Allen Bradley, Modbus RTU/TCP, KNX, BACnet, etc.) and provides OPC interfaces DA and UA (Client and Server). It allows you to manage process recipes and to generate reports in both pdf and csv formats.

It provides an interface with external DB (MySQL, …) to record data (datalogger function) or directly access data through API. The “SecureBridge” function allows the remote user to directly operate on the PLC linked to the SCADA. Winlog makes it possible to set up distributed Client/Server architectures and create web applications accessible from smartphone or browser.