Winlog Lite, free SCADA software download


Winlog Lite is the free version of Winlog Pro SCADA software, which allows development and execution of web applications (can be accessed from Internet Clients via a simple browser) with 15' of full operation. Winlog Lite makes available most of development tools provided by Winlog Pro, but doesn't allow development of applications with more than 24 tags and includes graphical libraries Symbol Factory and Industrial Gadgets ActiveX only in Demo mode.

Winlog Lite can be executed in Demo mode (without need of registration) or in Full mode; in Demo mode, communication with external devices and sampling of external tags automatically stops after 15 minutes (however it can be restarted manually); in Full mode there is no restriction on sampling time.

To run Winlog Lite in Full mode, you need to purchase a "Winlog Lite" license from our web site, filling in the order form and paying 49,00 € by credit card. Here is the procedure to activate Winlog Lite "Full mode":

  1. install Winlog Lite on the PC
  2. run Project Manager ->Help ->Register Menu item and press the button 'Request': the computer will generate a "Request code FILE" ("WinlogRequestnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.dat")
  3. send the "Request code FILE" to:
  4. you will receive back an email with an attached file containing the "License Key FILE"
  5. press the button 'Register' and select the "License Key FILE".

For further information, look at the 2 video guides from link: Winlog Forum

The "Winlog Lite" license is valid only on the computer used to carry out the registration procedure and cannot be transferred to another computer.

Winlog Lite can be completely removed by using the standard Windows uninstall procedure. After completing the uninstall procedure, the software will not keep running any part of it and will not be automatically activated at a later time by itself or by any other program.